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It’s always been a common question, that a majority of our clients have always been asking us… Basically, facial care, which involves skin cleansing & pores cleansing are so much more than just the aesthetics enhancing techniques. In fact, “opening skin up” with the help of all these cosmetology procedures improves the skin’s health and the immunity of…

First thing first, shall we talk about a few key terms before we move forward? That will help us in


Skin dehydration is a basic process of when your skin is healthy, it will get rid of  dead skin cells up and out through the skin pores (in other words, it exfoliates itself and regenerates the new skin).

Still, there’s a whole multitude of chemical products that will dehydrate your skin (ie. not enough water left in the skin layers). As your skin is dehydrated, it will begin to trap those dead skin cells and the chemical junk leftover in makeups and other skin care products into your pores.